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Avalon City Islamabad Location & Map

The Avalon City location is a center of convenience and luxury, situated near the significant Chakri Road. The strategic location has magnetized many investors and buyers. Its easy accessibility from the twin cities is facilitated by the major routes, including the Chakri Road and Adyala Road. Moreover, its proximity to notable housing projects increases its importance as a prime residential society.

Avalon City Islamabad Map

The Avalon City map unveils promising investment opportunities for potential buyers. With top neighborhoods like Blue World City, University Town, Rudn Enclave, and Kingdom Valley nearby, investors are presented with many lucrative options in the heart of the capital city.

Avalon City Accessibilities

Avalon City scores high on accessibility, thanks to its strategic location at Chakri Road. 

  • Located at Chakri Road
  • Approximately 12 min drive away from Adyala Road.
  • Approximately 40 min drive away from M-1 Motorway.
  • Approximately 41 min drive away from Chakri Interchange.
  • Approximately 42 min drive away from M-2 Motorway.
  • Approximately 42 min drive away from Thalian Interchange.
  • Approximately 45 min drive away from Srinagar Highway.
  • Approximately 44 min drive away from International Islamabad Airport.

Nearby Landmarks and Places

The housing society is neighboured by remarkable landmarks and places, promising a vibrant and luxurious lifestyle. With proximity to the illustrious Blue World City, Kingdom Valley, and Capital Smart City, residents can enjoy a blend of tranquility and modern amenities. Moreover, other prominent landmarks, including Mivida City Islamabad, Airport Housing Society, and DHA Phase II, promise a life of convenience and luxury, redefining modern living standards.


Avalon City Islamabad is a top residential project offering inhabitants an unparalleled and distinctive lifestyle. It has become a hotspot for overseas investors because it boasts exceptional amenities. In the years to come, this residential enclave promises to be a secure and fruitful venture for all who choose to invest. For additional information, we welcome you to contact us at Regency Marketing, your trusted real estate partner. Don’t miss out on our other premium projects, including Park View City, Saffron City Islamabad, Citi Housing Peshawar, and Blue World City.


What makes the Avalon City location a prime choice for investors? 

The Avalon City location, situated near the strategic Chakri Road, offers easy accessibility to twin cities and features proximity to various notable housing projects, making it a magnet for investors seeking both convenience and luxury.

Can you provide insights into the Avalon City map? 

Certainly! The Avalon City map indicates that the society neighbors affluent areas like University Town, Blue World City, Rudn Enclave, and Kingdom Valley, offering prospective investors many lucrative investment options in the capital city.

What are the accessibility points of Avalon City? 

Avalon City boasts excellent connectivity, with easy access from Chakri Road and a mere 12-minute drive from Adiala Road. Moreover, it is conveniently located near major motorways and interchanges, promising residents seamless commutes to various regions.

What are the notable landmarks near Avalon City? 

The housing society is surrounded by several notable landmarks, including the Blue World City, Kingdom Valley, and Capital Smart City, all of which promise a vibrant and luxurious lifestyle. Other nearby landmarks like Mivida City Islamabad and Airport Housing Society further enhance its appeal as a prime residential society.

Is Avalon City a good investment option? 

Absolutely! Dueits prime location, easy accessibility, and proximity to significant landmarks, Avalon City is a golden investment opportunity for those wanting a blend of luxury and convenience in a residential society.