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The ambitious aspiration to stand as Pakistan’s first largest technological city propels the advancement of Avalon City Islamabad.

Ever come across Avalon City Islamabad? It’s mind-blowing! They’re aiming to establish the pioneer tech-enabled housing project in Pakistan. Unbelievable, right? And they’re dead serious – boasting 3D cinemas, virtual auditoriums, wireless internet spots, free WiFi zones, electric bikes, and countless cutting-edge delights to captivate their inhabitants.

Let me assure you that Avalon City Islamabad is the ultimate peaceful haven. It truly understands people’s desires and turns them into a perfect reality. It’s a stress-free shelter, far from the bustling chaos of the city, where you can savor the finest moments of your life in an unparalleled, secure, and incredibly convenient atmosphere.

Listen to this incredible revelation – they’re offering an array of excellent features at an unbeatable cost. Moreover, with reliable owners, developers, and architects leading the venture, Avalon City Islamabad stands as the pinnacle of the real estate domain in the entire nation. Urban Solutions and MAAKSONS are the masterminds responsible for this marvel, and their portfolio boasts several monumental projects across the country. 

Hey, everyone! Avalon City Islamabad is set to become a massive hotspot. Its strategic location, tranquil environment, continuous progress, and abundance of top-tier conveniences make it the ultimate investment opportunity you won’t miss. They prioritize delivering a comfortable and well-kept living experience with state-of-the-art amenities, ensuring you receive the finest. Don’t miss out on this golden chance – Avalon City Islamabad is the place to be!

Owners And Developers of Avalon City

Brace yourself for an exciting journey as the esteemed developers of Avalon City, Maaksons, are widely recognized for their outstanding achievements and innovative approach to architecture. With a rich history of pushing boundaries and crafting some of the most remarkable buildings globally, Maaksons has earned a distinguished reputation in the construction industry. The owner, Imran Ismail, a prominent politician and former governor, adds an element of eccentricity to the mix. Avalon City Islamabad is a testament to its visionary craftsmanship, promising to be a masterpiece that will captivate and inspire future generations.

Avalon City Islamabad Booking Method

Hey there! It’s high time to reserve your spot in the futuristic Avalon City Islamabad, and let me tell you, the booking process is mind-blowing! Brace yourself for the steps below to ensure your plot is secured.

  • Here’s the first step: carefully complete the booking application form, paying close attention to every detail. It’s essential to catch everything, so take your time. 
  • Then, remember to include scanned copies of your identification card (CNIC) to verify your identity. Also, don’t hesitate to attach a small photo of yourself, similar to a passport-sized picture, so they can recognize you easily
  • Now here’s the exciting part! It’s time to pay a down payment and join the Avalon City Islamabad squad! You have options for payment: cash, pay order, or cross-cheque, whatever suits you best. Just get approval from management if you want to pay in cold hard money. 
  • You’ll receive a receipt once you’ve paid the down payment and submitted all the required documents. Congratulations, you’re officially part of the team!

Why wait? Hurry up and reserve your spot in this amazing Avalon city!

Avalon City Islamabad Location & Map

Listen up, folks! I’ve got some exciting announcements about Avalon City Islamabad’s location and map. It covers a huge area of approximately 5000 Kanal of land, ready for you to check out. And guess what? It’s in a prime spot, close to all the buzz in the city. You’ll love it! It is situated on the Main Chakri Road and’s close to the proposed Rawalpindi Ring road and the Chakri Motorway Interchange.

But that’s not all! Avalon City Islamabad is just a short 12-minute drive from Adyala Road, a quick 45-minute drive from Islamabad International Airport, and only 47 minutes away from Srinagar Highway. It means you’ll not only have a great location but also be able to reach your goal destination in no time at all.

Wait, there’s more! Avalon City Islamabad is here to help you discover all the important places nearby. They’ve created a fantastic map of the project, so you can easily see the various residential and commercial blocks and sectors in the community. Isn’t that incredibly cool?

Avalon City Islamabad Payment Plan

Below is the Avalon City Payment Plan:

  1. A 5 Marla plot price is PKR 1,350,000 with 36 monthly installments of PKR 21,000 each. Additionally, there’s a membership fee of PKR 3,000.
  2. A 10 Marla plot price is PKR 2,490,000 with 36 monthly installments of PKR 38,000 each. Additionally, there’s a membership fee of PKR 5,000.
  3. A 1 Kanal plot price is PKR 4,690,000 with 36 monthly installments of PKR 78,000 each. Additionally, there’s a membership fee of PKR 10,000.
avalon city islamabad payment plan

Avalon City Islamabad Amenities & Features

Get ready for an incredible experience because Avalon City Islamabad is no ordinary housing society! The unimaginable place offers the best luxurious lifestyle, having top-notch amenities and amazing services. Imagine a lifestyle like no other, where creativity and innovation are top priorities. Avalon City is your dream place, offering the latest gadgets to state-of-the-art infrastructure. A place enriched with advanced technology! So, get ready for a world of outstanding comfort and luxury!

Security System

Residents of Avalon City Islamabad can feel secure and safe thanks to 24/7 security personnel, surveillance from advanced CCTV cameras, and tightly controlled entryways.

Gated Community

Avalon City Islamabad is a carefully designed and well-organized housing society with secure gates at the entrances. It assures that only the right people can enter the premises of the housing area. Moreover, society guarantees the security and protection of its residents and their loved ones by having secure boundary walls with entry and exit gates. 

Health Facilities

Avalon City Islamabad cares deeply about the health of its residents. So, the enchanting society will build advanced, high-tech hospitals and healthcare centers with beautiful designs to ensure everyone stays healthy and happy.

Educational Facilities

Avalon City Islamabad realizes that education is the key to a better future, preparing us for tomorrow. So it assures its residents will get quality education facilities by constructing top-quality schools, colleges and universities based on advanced and world-class infrastructure. Avalon City makes educational institutions easily accessible for its residents within the community, so they don’t waste money and energy on traveling.

Tech Enabled Housing Society

Discover the incredible Tech Enabled Society, Pakistan’s revolutionary smart city. Prepare for an extraordinary transformation in your lifestyle with cutting-edge marvels, such as mind-blowing 3D cinemas and theaters, free Wi-Fi trees, and eco-friendly electric bikes. Embrace a world where innovation intertwines seamlessly with everyday existence, shaping a new digital-age adventure.

Modern Architecture

Avalon City Islamabad offers cutting-edge architectural facilities at the forefront of modern design. The smart city boasts state-of-the-art buildings and infrastructure constructed using eco-friendly materials to reduce environmental impact and promote sustainability. With a strong focus on innovation, Avalon City incorporates advanced technology solutions, creating a smart and efficient living environment for you. Avalon City Islamabad is ready to set new standards for modern living and comfort!

Contact Us for Free Consultation

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Rawalpindi Development Authority will soon approve Avalon City Islamabad’s NOC Status as it is being completed. 

Avalon City Islamabad is a legal and authorized housing project, as it has submitted all the required legal documents for NOC approval. Soon it will get its No Objection Certificate NOC approval from RDA.

Avalon City Islamabad is located on the Main Chakri Road, near Modal Chakri Interchange. The tech-enabled society is easily accessible through the planned Rawalpindi Ring Road and M2 Lahore-Islamabad Motorway.

Renowned Imran Ismail, the former Governor of Sindh, owns Avalon City Islamabad. Maaksons are the new developers of Avalon City Islamabad.