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Avalon City Payment and Installment Plan

If you envision a future in the serene landscapes of Avalon City, the streamlined and budget-friendly Avalon City Payment and Installment Plan makes it easier than ever to turn that dream into a reality. Let’s delve into the payment structures that make this place an accessible haven for prospective homeowners.

Avalon City Plot Sizes

The residential block in Avalon City offers three primary categories, catering to different preferences and budgetary requirements. 

Here are the Avalon City plot sizes you can select from:

  1. 5 Marla Residential plot
  2. 10 Marla Residential plot
  3. 1 Kanal Residential plot

Each category has been carefully planned to provide residents with a harmonious living experience. Let’s explore how the Avalon City payment plan is structured for each plot size.

Avalon City Payment and Installment Plan 

A key highlight of investing in Avalon City is the simplicity and affordability found in their payment structures. Below, we detail the Avalon city plot price and payment breakdown for each category:

5 Marla Residential Plot Price

Step into your new future with a 5 Marla plot, offering a perfect blend of comfort and affordability. 

Here is the payment breakdown:

  • Total Price: Rs. 1,350,000
  • Booking Amount (10%): Rs. 135,000
  • Confirmation Amount (10%): Rs. 135,000
  • Monthly Installments (36 months): Rs. 21,000
  • Bi-Annual Installments (2 installments): Rs. 54,000

10 Marla Residential Plot Price

Elevate your lifestyle with a 10 Marla plot that promises space and sophistication. Here’s the financial structure you can expect:

  • Total Price: Rs. 2,490,000
  • Booking Amount (10%): Rs. 249,000
  • Confirmation Amount (10%): Rs. 249,000
  • Monthly Installments (36 months): Rs. 38,000
  • Bi-Annual Installments (2 installments): Rs. 104,000

1 Kanal Residential Plot Price

Experience luxury like never before with a sprawling 1 Kanal plot. The financial layout for this category is as follows:

  • Total Price: Rs. 4,690,000
  • Booking Amount (10%): Rs. 469,000
  • Confirmation Amount (10%): Rs. 469,000
  • Monthly Installments (36 months): Rs. 78,000
  • Bi-Annual Installments (2 installments): Rs. 157,000


Acquiring your plot in Avalon City is a straightforward process. Initially, a 10% booking payment is required, followed by an additional 10% confirmation fee. Subsequently, you can comfortably spread the remaining amount over 36 monthly installments or opt for six half-yearly payments, making the financial journey toward your new home a breeze. With Avalon City’s payment and installment plan, owning a piece of paradise has never been more attainable. Step into a world of tranquility and modernity with your plot in Avalon City, where your dream home awaits.


What are the different Avalon City plot sizes available?

lon City offers three primary residential plot categories, which are:
5 Marla Residential
10 Marla Residential
1 Kanal Residential
These sizes have been designed to cater to various family sizes and budgetary preferences.

What is the initial financial commitment when booking a plot in Avalon City?

Upon choosing your preferred plot, an initial 10% down payment of the total plot price is required for booking. An additional 10% confirmation fee will be paid to secure your reservation.

Can I choose between monthly and half-yearly installment plans?

Yes, the Avalon City Payment & Installment Plan offers flexibility with payment schedules. You can opt for either 36 monthly installments to complete the payment of your plot.

Are there any additional charges included in the Avalon City plot price?

The detailed payment plan covers the primary financial structure for acquiring a plot in Avalon City. For details on any potential additional charges or fees, it is recommended to contact the Avalon City sales office directly.

How can I get more information about the Avalon City Payment & Installment Plan?

For more in-depth information regarding the payment and installment plan, you can even visit the official website of Regency Marketing. They will be able to provide you with detailed insights and assist you throughout the process.

What amenities and facilities can I expect in Avalon City?

Avalon City is designed to offer a harmonious blend of modern amenities and natural tranquility. While specific amenities can vary, residents can generally expect well-planned infrastructure, green spaces, recreational areas, and secure community living. It’s best to contact the developers for the most current information on amenities and facilities.