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Capital Hills Islamabad Payment Plan

Hey there! Are you considering a tranquil and upscale living experience in the picturesque Margalla Hills? If yes, let’s dive deep into Capital Hills Islamabad, a splendid residential project carefully crafted by NSK Construction Private Limited. Let’s journey together through its immersive offerings, shall we?

Background of Capital Hills Islamabad

In the heart of Islamabad, a project that signifies luxury and tranquility is taking shape. Capital Hills Islamabad, a beacon of luxury and serenity, is keen on offering you a lifestyle upgrade in nature, promising a retreat from the busy city life.

Capital Hills Islamabad Vision and Ownership

Owned by the trustful hands of Mr. Syed Sajjad Bukhari, the chairman of Capital Group, this TMA-approved venture is all about marrying affordability with luxury. Their vision is to craft a habitat where peace meets modernity, offering an oasis to its inhabitants.

Capital Hills Islamabad Location

Situated on Pir Sohawa Road, adjacent to Dino Valley, Capital Hills promises an immersive experience in the lap of Margalla Hills. Imagine waking up to the peaceful vibes and scenic beauty daily; it sounds like a dream, right?

Capital Hills Islamabad Payment Plan

Starting on the ownership journey of your dream plot is simplified and accessible here. With flexible and affordable payment plans, stepping into a future of comfort and luxury is within your reach. Let’s delve deeper into the payment plan of Capital Hills Islamabad.

Affordable Payment Plan

Capital Hills has designed a payment structure that guarantees luxury and affordability. You are just a minor down payment away from owning a plot in this paradise, and guess what? You can become a proud plot owner in just three years! And above all? The development charges are encompassed within the total price, sparing you from future financial burdens. To get detailed information about Capital Hills Islamabad, Regency Marketing is your trusted real estate partner, safeguarding all the rights and offering a seamless journey to your dream home.

Capital Hills Islamabad Payment Plan & Plot Sizes

Capital Hills Islamabad offers a spectrum of plot sizes, catering to varied preferences and budgets. Let’s explore these plots and the investment prospects they hold:

Capital Hills Islamabad 5 Marla Plot

1: Total Price: Rs. 8,500,000
2: Down Payment: Rs. 850,000
3: Monthly Installments (36 months): Rs. 47,222
4: Balloon Payment (5%): Rs. 425,000
5: Quarterly Payment (12): Rs. 141,667
6: Confirmation Fee (10%): Rs. 850,000
7: Annual Installments (3): Rs. 850,000
8: Possession Charge (15%): Rs. 1,275,000
9: Balloting Charge (10%): Rs. 850,000

Capital Hills Islamabad 10 Marla Plot

1: Total Price: Rs. 16,000,000
2: Initial Down Payment: Rs. 1,600,000
3: Monthly Payment Breakdown (36 months): Rs. 88,889
4: Balloon Payment at 5%: Rs. 800,000
5: Quarterly Payment Installments (12 in total): Rs. 266,667
6: Confirmation Charge at 10%: Rs. 1,600,000
7: Yearly Installments (for three years): Rs. 1,600,000
8: Possession Fee at 15%: Rs. 2,400,000
9: Balloting Fee at 10%: Rs. 1,600,000

Capital Hills Islamabad 1 Kanal Plot

1: Total cost: Rs. 29,500,000 
2: Down Payment: Rs. 2,950,000 
3: 36-month payment plan: Rs. 163,889 per month 
4: Balloon payment at 5%: Rs. 1,475,000 
5: Quarterly payment cycle (12 total): Rs. 491,667 each
6: Confirmation fee at 10%: Rs. 2,950,000 
7: Annual payments over three years: Rs. 2,950,000 per installment
8: Charge upon possession at 15%: Rs. 4,425,000 
9: 10% charge at balloting: Rs. 2,950,000

Capital Hills Islamabad 2 Kanal Plot

1: Total amount: Rs. 50,000,000 
2: Down payment: Rs. 5,000,000 
3: 36 months installment plan: Rs. 277,778 monthly 
4: 5% balloon payment: Rs. 2,500,000 
5: 12-quarter payment scheme: Rs. 833,333 per quarter
6: Confirmation charge at 10%: Rs. 5,000,000 
7: Yearly installment for three years: Rs. 5,000,000 each 
8: 15% possession fee: Rs. 7,500,000 
9: Balloting fee at 10%: Rs. 5,000,000


Investing in Capital Hills Islamabad means placing your trust in a venture that stands tall with its reputation of reliability and integrity. Your dream home is not just a purchase but an investment that promises exponential growth. Ready to turn your dream into reality? Feel free to call us and immerse yourself in the opportunities waiting at Capital Hills Islamabad. Your pathway to serenity and luxury is just a call away!

Capital Hills Islamabad Master Plan


What is Capital Hills Islamabad?

Capital Hills Islamabad is a luxurious residential development project offering premium living spaces in lush green surroundings. It is designed to provide its residents with modern amenities and a serene living environment.

Where is Capital Hills Islamabad located?

Capital Hills Islamabad is in a prime location in Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan. For exact location details, visiting the official website or contacting Regency Marketing is recommended.

Are there any flexible payment plans available?

Yes, Capital Hills Islamabad offers flexible payment plans with options for monthly, quarterly, and annual installments to ease the financial burden on buyers. The payment structure includes an initial down payment, regular installments, and other charges, including balloon payment and possession price.

What amenities and facilities does Capital Hills Islamabad offer?

Capital Hills Islamabad is expected to offer a wide range of advanced amenities and facilities to its residents, including but not limited to lush green parks, a well-equipped gymnasium, community centers, and security services. For detailed information, please reach out to us.

What is the possession timeline for a plot in Capital Hills Islamabad?

The possession timeline can vary based on several factors, including the development phase and the specific plot location. It is recommended to contact the official website of Capital Hills Islamabad for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding possession timelines.