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Capital Hills Islamabad

Capital Hills Islamabad is a remarkable residential project that NSK Construction Private Limited developed. It is the creation of Mr. Syed Sajjad Bukhari, the esteemed chairman of the Capital Group. Situated on the scenic Pir Sohawa Road and neighboring Dino Valley, the haven offers not only a haven of tranquility but also breathtaking views of the iconic Margalla Hills.


Entrust your investment with Regency Marketing, your gateway to a premier investment opportunity that offers modern living in the lush embrace of the Margalla Hills. Capital Hills promises an extraordinary living experience with panoramic vistas stretching in every direction. To secure a life adorned with luxury and comfort, consider investing in Capital Hills. Don’t delay; contact us TODAY for details about your ideal plot in this groundbreaking project.

Capital Hills Islamabad Owners and Developers

Capital Hills Islamabad is the proud project of Mr. Syed Sajjad Bukhari, the respected chairman of the Capital Group. It is brought to completion by the experts at NSK Construction Private Limited. The property project epitomizes international living standards thanks to its developers’ relentless efforts and innovative vision. Mr. Bukhari is cultivating a new era of contemporary place in the heart of Margalla Hills through his profound knowledge, principled approach, and commitment to his roots. With Nisar Ahmad spearheading the development, a renowned figure in Pakistan’s real estate sector, and a seasoned managing partner at Khattak Allied Construction Company for over four decades, Capital Hills is shaping up to be a beacon of quality and excellence in residential living.

Capital Hills Islamabad NOC

The Capital Hills Islamabad project has secured the No Objection Certificate from the Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA) Haripur, ensuring its legality and potential for substantial ROI. Regency Marketing is dedicated to guiding its valued clients toward secure and promising investments in legally approved projects.

Capital Hills Islamabad Location

Capital Hills Islamabad enjoys a prime location along Pir Sohawa Road, neighboring the picturesque Dino Valley. Additionally, a new route connecting Bari Imam to Pir Sohawa is being evaluated by the CDA, promising a faster alternative for reaching the luxurious Capital Hills. This forthcoming route intends to branch out from the terminus of Margalla Road, winding towards the Pak Secretariat/Parliament and culminating at Pir Sohawa. Stay up-to-date with the latest developments from Regency Marketing. The location promises a serene and comfortable lifestyle, with the location map offering a straightforward guide to reaching this majestic haven.

Capital Hills Islamabad Accessible Routes

Capital Hills Islamabad boasts a strategically accessible location. Here’s a general idea of the accessibility to Capital Hills:

  • Roughly a 30-minute drive from Sector F-11
  • It is about 25 minutes away from the Blue Area
  • Approximately 15 minutes from Daman-e-Koh
  • Around 41 minutes from Bharakahu Bypass
  • A brief 5-minute drive to Monal Restaurant/Pir Sohawa
  • Nearly 45 minutes to Islamabad International Airport

Capital Hills Islamabad Nearby Landmarks & Places

Capital Hills Islamabad is near a range of noteworthy landmarks and places, including:

  • Bhara Kahu
  • Bruti Top
  • Dino Valley
  • Daman-e-Koh
  • Shahdara Valley
  • Pineland Heights
  • CDA Rest House
  • Sangra Gali Bazar
  • Trail 5 (Dara Janglan)
  • Pine Valley Residencia
  • The Monal Restaurant
  • Whispering Pines Phase 2
  • Quaid-e-Azam University
  • Highland Country Club & Resort

Capital Hills Islamabad Master Plan

Developed by an elite team of experts and professionals, the master plan of Capital Hills Islamabad displays brilliance and innovation. The Project offers an array of residential plots in different sizes at budget-friendly prices, spread across an expansive area of approximately 10,000 Kanal of prime land.

Capital Hills Islamabad Plots for Sale

A variety of plots are up for grabs in Capital Hills. For further information, please get in touch with Regency Marketing. 

Capital Hills Islamabad Residential Plots

Here are the dimensions of the residential plots available at Capital Hills: 

  • 5 Marla – 125 Sq. Yds. 
  • 10 Marla – 250 Sq. Yds. 
  • 1 Kanal – 500 Sq. Yds. 
  • 2 Kanal – 1000 Sq. Yds.

Capital Hills Islamabad Payment Plan

Featuring reasonable payment and installment plans, the residential plots in Capital Hills Islamabad are now up for sale. As a trusted real estate marketing, Regency Marketing brings nearly ten years of industry experience to assist you in securing your dream plot. Don’t hesitate to REACH OUT TO US and get details about Capital Hills Islamabad.

Capital Hills Islamabad Facilities

The development promises many luxurious and contemporary amenities, setting a new standard of living for its residents. The amenities and facilities at Capital Hills Islamabad are detailed below:

State-of-the-Art Development

Entrusted to NSK Construction Pvt. Ltd., the development of the Project promises adherence to top-notch standards, utilizing high-grade materials and construction techniques. The firm is committed to meeting the specified deadline while ensuring unparalleled quality. 

High Standards Living

Envisioned to offer a lifestyle marked by luxury and superior standards, the Project is outfitted with facilities that guarantee the utmost comfort to its inhabitants. 

Secure Project

Prioritizing the security concerns of every investor, the Project plans to implement comprehensive safety measures, including round-the-clock CCTV surveillance, ensuring tight security. Moreover, well-trained personnel will be on standby to counter any potential threats. Residents will also enjoy the exclusivity of individual keycard access to their lavish abodes. 

Artificial Lake

The artificial lake, a stunning natural feature of the Project, promises breathtaking vistas and a serene environment enveloped by lush greenery, trees, and hills. Capital Hills invites investors to develop a deeper connection with nature, offering a tranquil retreat in the fresh surroundings.

Capital Hills Islamabad Outdoor Facilities & Activities

It’s a universal truth that a sound body harbors a sound mind. Engaging in outdoor plans contributes to robust physical health and promotes mental well-being. Being in nature can elevate your spirits and mitigate stress and depression levels. Keeping this philosophy at heart, consider setting up your home at Capital Hills Islamabad to indulge in various remarkable activities.

Here are the outdoor activities awaiting you in Capital Hills Islamabad:


Playing tennis can stimulate analytical abilities, mental sharpness, and strategic foresight by stimulating neural connections. The creators of this residential project have included facilities for outdoor hobbies like tennis to ensure that the inhabitants lead a vibrant and healthy lifestyle.


An exemplary sport, squash promises many physical advantages, including enhanced cardiovascular well-being, increased strength and endurance, heightened agility and coordination, weight reduction, and supported cognitive function.

Bungee Jumping

Capital Hills features bungee jumping as one of the premier outdoor activities, guaranteeing an exciting experience for the adventurous inhabitants. The activity not only grants a feeling of achievement but also aids individuals in conquering their fears or challenges with ease. Engaging in bungee jumping can foster a deep connection with friends and family.


Ziplining offers a rush of excitement and is beneficial for physical health while aiding in mastering fear management. The pursuit provides an adrenaline-fueled adventure and a feeling of accomplishment, which can be immensely empowering.

Mini Golf

To infuse your life with joy and thrill, Capital Hills presents Mini Golf. The facility aims to give the residents quality moments in the captivating vistas of the Margalla Hills. The encompassing natural beauty amplifies the pleasure of the game.

Sky Walk

Sky Walk entails a stroll on a raised walkway at a significant height, serving as a vital medium for residents’ mental tranquility. It offers an opportunity to soak in awe-inspiring sights from every angle, instilling a fresh perspective, vibrant ideas, and uplifting positivity that channel toward a health-conscious lifestyle.

Hiking Trails

Capital Hills is surrounded by various hiking trails that invite you to maintain physical fitness and well-being. While hiking, you can encounter diverse flora and fauna, including native pine, oak, and eucalyptus tree species. 

Capital Hills Islamabad Salient Features

Here are the distinguishing features of Capital Hills:

  • Movie Theatre
  • Helipad
  • Mini Golf Facility
  • Dining Establishments
  • Themed Park
  • Economical Pricing
  • Easy Accessibility
  • 24/7 Security System
  • Athletic Center
  • Sauna & Wellness Spa
  • Fitness Centre and Swimming Pool
  • Event Halls
  • Man-made Lake
  • Magnificent Mosque
  • Water Facilities
  • Meeting Hall
  • Swimming Facility
  • Community Centre
  • Gated Residence
  • Tennis and Squash Courts
  • High-Quality Infrastructure
  • Educational Institutions
  • Basketball and Shuttlecock Courts
  • Efficient Sewage and Garbage Management
  • International Standards Hospital
  • Uninterrupted Water and Electricity Supply

Guidelines To Follow Before Purchasing Or Sale of Plots

Here are some guidelines to adhere to while purchasing or selling the plot:

Document Authentication

Ensure to thoroughly check all the documents to prevent any miscommunications or contrasts. Before initiating any property transaction, analyze the NOC and authorization paperwork approved by the competent bodies. The strategy guarantees that your documents are valid and facilitates a satisfying customer experience.

Financial Stability

Before finalizing any property transaction, confirm that your financial resources align with your investment strategy. It ensures a smooth and hassle-free process during the purchase or sale of the property.

Site Inspections

After verifying the documents’ authenticity, physically visit the property to confirm that the details mentioned in the papers correspond with the actual specifications of the plot.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) of Capital Hills Islamabad

Capital Hills is a premium residential project crafted to provide residents with a one-of-a-kind living standard at reasonable prices, harmoniously merging luxury with natural aesthetics.

The Capital Hills Housing Scheme has received official approval from TMA Haripur.

Capital Hills facilitates a flexible installment plan. Investing in this project is recommended by Regency Marketing owing to its high potential for lucrative returns.

Certainly, investing in Capital Hills promises a safe and robust investment opportunity backed by its official recognition from TMA Haripur.

Capital Hills graces the core of Margalla Hills, situated on Pir Sohawa Road, neighboring Dino Valley.