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Is Park View City Islamabad NOC Restored ?

Park View City is a prestigious housing society located in Islamabad, committed to providing its residents with world-class amenities. Exciting news has recently emerged, as the management’s relentless efforts have resulted in the restoration of the Park View City Islamabad NOC (No-Objection Certificate).

The Significance of NOC Restoration

In the realm of real estate, the legal status of a housing project holds immense importance. The NOC serves as a crucial verification document for properties within the Park View residential society, ensuring that the specified plots are free from any objections. The approval of NOC by the Capital Development Authority (CDA) was a significant milestone, encouraging people to invest in this society with the added benefit of a convenient installment plan.

The Granting of NOC for Park View City

On 02-05-2022, the CDA issued the legal status for 1067.90 Kanal, comprising 579 plots, catapulting the worth of the society in the eyes of potential customers. Being the first housing project in Zone IV of Islamabad to attain legal status, Park View City gained immense popularity, even among overseas Pakistanis, who showed great interest in the dedicated overseas block like Capital-Smart City Overseas Prime II.

Temporary Withdrawal of NOC

Unfortunately, on 11-01-2021, the NOC for Park View City Housing Scheme was withdrawn by the Islamabad High Court, citing it as void and granted illegally. The legal dispute arose when the construction of a linked road encroached upon land belonging to the Capital Development Authority. The court ruled in favor of withdrawing the legal status of the housing society.

The Restoration of Park View City NOC

Thankfully, on 20th October 2022, the Supreme Court ordered the restoration of the Park View City NOC. Furthermore, the court deferred any further action against the legal status of Park View City while instructing the chairman of CDA to conduct a thorough review of the land in question and submit a detailed report.

With the NOC restored, customers who had invested in the society can now breathe a sigh of relief. The conflict between the CDA and the society’s management had left many investors worried about their investments. However, with the legal status reinstated, the future looks promising for Park View City.

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A Promising Residential Project

Park View City’s legal status and prime location make it an ideal residential project. Interested buyers can explore various plot categories with the assurance of high returns on investment, thanks to the Park View City Islamabad NOC. Additionally, booking a plot has become a seamless process with the assistance of Regency Marketing, a reliable provider of real estate services.

In conclusion, Park View City stands out as an exceptional housing society, now backed by a restored NOC, ensuring a secure and rewarding investment opportunity for all.

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