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Park View City Islamabad NOC Restored | Legal Status

In the vibrant landscape of Islamabad, Park View City stands as a beacon of legal housing excellence, with a mission to enrich lives through world-class amenities. The latest breakthrough echoes the relentless dedication of the management – the restoration of Park View City Islamabad’s NOC (No Objection Certificate).

The Significance of Park View City NOC Restoration

Legal status is the bedrock upon which housing projects flourish or falter. Within the realm of real estate, the NOC status wields remarkable influence. A no-objection certificate is a legal endorsement for Park View residential society properties. It serves as a guarantee against any encumbrances on the designated plots. This pivotal document gained approval from the Capital Development Authority (CDA), a testament to the collaborative efforts of owners and developers.

The Park View City Society’s NOC becomes a catalyst, paving the way for individuals to secure plots through a feasible payment structure replete with flexible instalment plans. Thus, the NOC assumes a role of paramount importance in propelling the triumph of this residential endeavour.

A Landmark Moment: NOC Issuance for Park View City

On 02-05-2022, the CDA bestowed legal validation upon Park View City’s expanse spanning 1067.90 Kanal, housing 579 plots. This significant gesture elevated society’s value in the eyes of prospective patrons. This endorsement spurred a surge of interest among investors, catapulting Park View City into the forefront of real estate.

Emerging as a pioneer in Zone IV of Islamabad, Park View City clinched legal status at an impressive pace. The NOC accolade cast its reverberations, capturing the imaginations of residents across the twin cities. Overseas Pakistanis embraced this endeavour with ardour, mirrored in establishing the dedicated overseas block, Capital Smart City Overseas Prime II.

Unveiling the Chronicles: The NOC Withdrawal Saga

A turning point arrived on 11-01-2021 when Park View City Housing Scheme’s NOC faced withdrawal under the lawful purview of the Islamabad High Court. The court’s decision stemmed from the perception that the NOC was null and void due to unauthorized approval. Consequently, the court directed the CDA management to revoke the society’s legal endorsement in the capital city.

The crux of the NOC debacle originated with constructing a connecting road within Park View City. The Capital Development Authority contested this move, asserting that the management’s actions transgressed legal boundaries. This impasse led to a legal showdown between the two entities, a confrontation that set the stage for NOC’s suspension.

The Phoenix Rises: Park View City NOC Reinstated

The tide turned on 20 October 2022, as the Supreme Court decreed the revival of Park View City’s NOC. Furthermore, the court quashed the notion of challenging the society’s legal standing. The NOC case unfolded in a deliberation graced by CJ Umar Ata Bandial and three esteemed SC members. The judicial bench mandated the CDA chairman to meticulously assess the intricacies of the disputed land, culminating in a comprehensive report.

As the dust settled, triumphant news emerged: Park View City Islamabad’s NOC reemerged from its dormancy. Those who had invested in the society’s plots met this development with jubilation. The reinstatement marked the end of an uncertain period rife with tensions between the CDA and the society’s management.

The epitome of Excellence: Park View City’s Enduring Legacy

Park View City, an oasis of residential brilliance, owes its prominence to its steadfast legal status and prime location. Prospective buyers can explore plot categories, each promising a high Return on Investment (ROI), courtesy of Park View City Islamabad NOC. Pioneering a seamless plot acquisition process, Makaan Solutions is the go-to resource, offering unparalleled and dependable real estate services.


In conclusion, Park View City’s journey embodies a commitment to legal integrity and an unwavering dedication to fostering a thriving community. Its revitalized NOC status acts as a harbinger of prosperity, promising a future that gleams with the aspirations of countless individuals seeking a place to call home.

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