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Prime Valley Islamabad, a fully authorized and meticulously planned housing society, makes your dreams a reality. Addressing Pakistan’s housing crisis, it offers cost-effective options for home ownership, catering to those seeking affordable and valuable investments. Strategically situated near the CPEC Route, M-14 Motorway, and the proposed Rawalpindi Ring Road project, Prime Valley is an ideal choice for the average citizen.

Prime Valley Islamabad Owners & Developers

Prime Valley Islamabad is owned by PIHS (Prime Institute of Health Sciences), a renowned and reliable medical institute. The owners are also associated with developing Blue World City and Kingdom Valley. They are currently working on agreements with top developers in the country. The primary aim was to create a residential area with a nearby golf course appealing to enthusiasts. As a result, the society has successfully attracted investors, residents, visitors, and sports fanatics.

Update on Prime Valley Islamabad NOC

The right NOC is crucial for a housing society to be well-planned and reliable. Prime Valley meets all the requirements for a legal housing society. Its NOC is being processed by the Tehsil Municipal Authority Rawalpindi and is expected to be approved soon. Its affiliation with the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme enhances its trustworthiness.

Prime Valley Islamabad Location & Map

The most important thing for an investor when choosing a housing society is its location. Prime Valley in Islamabad is well-connected to the rest of the city through important landmarks like C-PEC and Kashmir Highway.

In simple terms, the location of Prime Valley is convenient and easily accessible from different parts of the city. These landmarks and routes make it a promising investment option.

Prime Valley Islamabad Payment & Installment Plan

Prime Valley Islamabad offers an affordable and convenient payment plan for investors. It is part of the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme, making it especially budget-friendly for low-income households. You can choose from plot sizes like 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 01 Kanal. You only need to pay 15% of the total to book your plot. The down payment is 10%, and the confirmation payment is just 5%. These rates may change after the society’s official launch.


For a 5-Marla plot, you can start with a monthly installment of only 12,000 PKR, making it a very convenient investment option. You can complete the payment in 35 monthly installments or 10 quarterly installments. Once the payment is complete, the property will be entirely yours! The Prime Valley Installment and Payment plan is designed to be user-friendly and accessible.


Prime Valley Islamabad Booking Process

Regency Marketing’s sales team is available to assist you with the booking process.

  • We aim to provide convenience and support to our clients throughout the process.
  • Our Assets Manager will help you by suggesting investment options based on your preferences.

For booking and confirmation, you will need to provide the following documents:

  • 2 copies of your CNIC or NICOP (overseas Pakistanis)
  • 2 copies of the CNIC of your next of kin
  • 2 passport-size photos of yourself
  • Money order for the booking amount

Prime Valley Islamabad Features

Some of the basic features and services are mentioned here:

Essential Services

Gas, water, and electricity are crucial necessities that must be available no matter what. Having a constant supply of these services ensures a smooth and stress-free life!

Free Healthcare

Free healthcare is available to all residents and members of Prime Valley. You can get urgent medical help and basic healthcare at no cost. It includes checkups, tests, and treatment at the clinics and hospitals within the housing society. It’s all completely free of charge.

Dedicated Parking Area

Big housing societies need help with roads full of heavy traffic, leaving no parking space. But Prime Valley has solved this by creating a special parking area for its residents.

Security System

Safety in our society is ensured with 24/7 CCTV camera surveillance and strong security guards. If anything unusual is detected on the cameras, immediate action is taken to protect all residents and visitors.

Quality Education

In today’s world, getting a good education is tough because things are getting more and more expensive. But in Prime Valley, we ensure that people who live or invest there can enjoy free education in top-notch schools and institutes.

No Power Outages Area

Prime valley will have a dam with an electric power plant to provide electricity all the time. It means there won’t be any power cuts, and the area will be free from load shedding, using all available resources.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Prime Valley Islamabad offers a flexible installment plan for potential investors and buyers. Whether you’re a local investor or from overseas, this society is an attractive option for living and investment purposes. You can book a plot with a small down payment and then pay the remaining amount in easy 3-year installments. For more details on the location, map, and NOC, please inquire further.

Yes, Prime Valley Islamabad is an approved and legal project. The Town Municipal Administration (TMA) has granted a No Objection Certificate for Prime Valley Islamabad.

Yes, Prime Valley Islamabad is an approved and legal project. The Town Municipal Administration (TMA) has granted a No Objection Certificate for Prime Valley Islamabad.