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Top 5 Property Dealers In Islamabad

Have you ever pondered upon the top 5 property dealers in Islamabad who have significantly contributed to the city’s economic growth? For any fruitful real estate transaction, collaborating with the best property dealer in Pakistan is pivotal. The trademark of a dependable property dealer lies in their ability to consistently guide customers towards the best opportunities, be it in renting, selling, or buying properties. The bustling real estate market of Islamabad has seen an influx of many dealers, some of whom have set exemplary standards in the industry. As more housing projects emerge, searching for the best real estate property dealer in Islamabad can become daunting. 

What Are Top 5 Property Dealers In Islamabad?

To ease your search, we highlight the top 5 property dealers in Islamabad known for their service excellence and vast experience. Here is a list of top 5 property dealers in Islamabad:

  1. Regency Marketing
  2. Graana
  3. Star Marketing
  4. Agency21 
  5. Sky Marketing

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Regency Marketing

Regency Marketing stands out as the industry’s top property dealer in Pakistan. With an unwavering commitment to service, they offer properties and top property solutions paired with insightful consultation. Their proficient team ensures that clients get the finest properties matching their needs. The growth trajectory of Regency Marketing speaks volumes about their dedication to understanding and addressing the ever-changing demands of Islamabad’s property sector.

Regency Marketing, one of Islamabad’s top five property dealers, has established an unparalleled reputation in the real estate sector. The agency’s unparalleled commitment to excellence delivers comprehensive property solutions boosted by complimentary consultation services. Catering to diverse clients, Regency Marketing showcases the latest real estate offerings, ensuring clients can access prime properties that fit their unique requirements. 

They have also established their office in Attock to cover the vast real estate sector of Attock City. Their dedicated professionals are always at the forefront, guiding clients at every moment, ensuring that their property aspirations are met and exceeded. Their top-notch property solutions are coupled with their unwavering dedication to the evolving needs of the Islamabad property market.

Here are the top real estate projects of Regency Marketing:

  • Saffron City
  • Avalon City 
  • Gulberg Greens
  • Blue World City
  • Park View City
  • Citi Housing Kharian
  • Aiwa City Attock


Graana is another gem among an authorized real estate marketing company. They have created a unique place by providing a streamlined process across various property categories. Moreover, their extensive database serves as a reservoir of knowledge about diverse housing projects. Their captivating motto, “Make Magic Happen,” encapsulates their innovative approach, making property dealing seem almost magical. Their outstanding services attract Pakistanis globally.

Star Marketing

Recognized as one of Pakistan’s premier real estate marketing firm, Star Marketing offers creative marketing strategies and unique promotional methods to property developers and constructors. The company boasts a solid history of effectively handling residential and commercial marketing projects in major Pakistani cities like Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, and many more. Star Marketing has established its presence in numerous significant cities across Pakistan.


Not to be left behind, Agency21 earns its place in the top 5 property dealers in Islamabad list. Revolutionizing the property market landscape of Pakistan, Agency21 integrates advanced technological solutions to simplify real estate experiences. Their emphasis on transparency has won the trust of countless customers, making property buying and selling a stress-free affair.

Sky Marketing

Sky Marketing is another name that resonates prominently among Islamabad’s top 5 property dealers. With their advanced marketing strategies, they have ascended to unparalleled heights in the real estate domain. Recognized and trusted by many clients, they suggest properties that offer maximum investment returns.


The real estate sector of Islamabad boasts some outstanding names. Authorized marketing firms like Regency Marketing are redefining investment opportunities in housing projects. So, if you’re looking to invest in property projects, these dealers can provide invaluable assistance, ensuring your real estate journey in Islamabad is exceptional. Islamabad’s top 5 property dealers have mastered this sector and consistently added value to the city’s economic fabric. With top authorized dealers like Regency Marketing taking the lead, the future of real estate investments in Islamabad looks promising. Whether you’re an investor or a first-time buyer, partnering with these dealers ensures a successful real estate journey.


Why is it important to consult with a top property dealer in Islamabad?

Consulting with a top dealer ensures you get the best guidance based on extensive market knowledge, experience, and expertise. These dealers often have a wider network, giving you access to premium properties and better opportunities.

Do the top 5 property dealers offer services limited to buying and selling?

No, their services usually extend beyond just buying and selling. They often provide rental services, consultation, property management, and investment guidance. Some even offer legal assistance or mortgage advice.

How do I know if a property dealer is credible and trustworthy?

You can assess the credibility of a dealer by checking their certifications, client testimonials, years of experience, and their standing with local real estate associations. Engaging with well-known names, like those in Islamabad’s top 5 property dealers, usually ensures reliability.

With the increase in new housing projects, is investing in newer or older developments better?

Both newer and older developments have their advantages. Newer projects offer modern amenities and facilities, while older ones may be in established areas with better infrastructure. It’s best to consult with a property dealer to understand what suits your needs and investment goals.

Do these property dealers also handle commercial properties?

Most top property dealers deal with residential and commercial properties. Depending on your goals and requirements, they can guide you on office spaces, shops, commercial plots, and more.

How do property dealers charge for their services?

Dealers typically charge a commission, a percentage of the property’s selling or purchasing price. The total percentage can change depending on the dealer and the nature of the transaction. It is always good to clarify this upfront.

Can international clients also avail of services from these dealers?

Absolutely! Many of the top property dealers in Pakistan cater to international clients. They guide property investments, legalities, and documentation to both local and overseas clients.

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